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Last Updated: 18 December 2012

Taxi Service (taximetered service)

Taxicab service providers registered in Toledo, Ohio, are governed by the city of Toledo and the state of Ohio. Toledo Municipal Code Part Seven, Title Three, Chapter 781 dictates rates to be charged.

According to TMC Chapter 781.05, the taximeter rates shall not be greater or less than the following schedules:

(a) Trip initiation fee. The taximeter shall charge a trip initiation (flag drop) fee of two dollars ($2.00) in addition to charges based on distance traveled and time elapsed.

(b) Distance traveled in service.

    (1) Maximum rate. The maximum rate for each completed one-tenth mile shall be twenty-three cents ($0.23).
    (2) Minimum rate. The minimum rate for each completed one-tenth mile shall be twenty-three cents ($0.23).

(c) Waiting time. Waiting time shall be charged at the rate of forty cents ($0.40) for each minute (twenty-four dollars ($24.00) per hour), and waiting time shall include the time during which the taxicab is not in motion after its arrival at the place to which it has been called and the time consumed standing at the direction of the passenger, but no charge shall be made for the time lost for inefficiency of the taxicab or its driver or for time in case of premature arrival in response to a call.

(d) Senior citizens. Senior citizens who hold a Golden Buckeye Card or who are sixty-five (65) years of age and older shall receive a ten percent (10%) reduction in rates provided they have previously registered with the taxicab company entitling them to such reduction.

(Ord. 304-08. Passed 10-7-08.)