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Black Car Service is reserved at an hourly rate except for trips to/from an airport and the Toledo Metro Area.

The basic, in-town rate for Black Car Sedan Service (1-3 passengers) is $55 per hour while our out-of-town rate is $65 per hour (each a minimum of 2 hours). Black Mercedes Van Service (4-5 passengers)/Black Chevy Suburban (5 passenger) is an additional $15 per hour. Large White Van Service (6-8 passengers) is an additional $20 per hour. For more than 8 passengers, please call (419) 536-3722.

Airport trips are a flat rate and depend upon the airport and pickup/drop off location.

In addition to the fare, there is a $150 alcohol deposit required for non-airport trips. This deposit is refundable depending upon any required cleanup/sanitation of the vehicle.